LORRIC is the Taiwanese manufacturer of industrial nozzles and flow meters

established in 1991, and since then

has dealt in independent research and development,

design, production, marketing, and sales

LORRIC’s products are 100% made in Taiwan.


The Philosophy we believe as below makes us to design and manufacture best products and improved and grow up with our clients.


Consistently self-challenging, we settle on the production of only the highest quality of nozzles through our uncompromising attitude.

We at LORRIC pride ourselves in creating industry-used high-grade nozzles through our meticulous techniques and exclusive knowledge. Through our craftsmen’s vast experience and diligence in understanding our customers’ requests, our products’ high quality ensures that even under the harshest of environments, they will perform as accurate as ever.





LORRIC wishes to stand together with customers and partners who embrace similar values, and together fashion a network of cooperation and mutual-support.

LORRIC takes to heart its clients’ demands for performance, and cautiously tackles every challenge presented. Taking inspiration from whales, who deep down in the wide blue ocean sing their songs to call their peers in an extraordinary frequency of 52 hertz, LORRIC too are looking for clients who embrace similar values, and like-minded global partners. Let us together become a community, and share with the world our values and uncompromising spirit.



LORRIC aims to lead the Taiwanese industry, and stand firmly on the world stage of industrial production.

LORRIC wishes to prove to the world that Taiwan also has the capability for the most exquisite and precise of industrial production. Our company’s founder henceforth prides himself in knowing that LORRIC today stands as a world leader in the manufacturing of nozzles and flowmeters, and as such is also able to place Taiwan as a shining radiant spot on the map.


Which animal would be most fitting to describe our company, LORRIC?

We would consider it to be the sperm whale, one of the ocean’s most majestic and unique creatures.

The wisest and most courageous of whales, the sperm whale is able to dive up to 2,000 meters into the ocean’s depths, and face with courage the deepest and most hostile of environments – truly the ocean’s embodiment of wisdom and power. When it comes to the manufacturing of industrial components, LORRIC sees itself as a sperm whale – having expertise and courage in exploring and testing out uncharted territories, as well as having accumulated technical expertise and creative wisdom, aiding each and every customer in the creation of the best of products, guiding their advance and growth. We in LORRIC make the greatest effort to vigorously expand our business domain, from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, we strive to become our customers’ most important business partner. 

We in LORRIC try to employ the language of visual art as a way to convey
our company’s philosophy.

Established under the moniker of He Wang Chang in Taiwan, we have sought out to use the brand name of LORRIC to address the global market. Relative latecomers to the world stage, we in LORRIC try to convey our technological and R&D prowess using profound visual art, and so to convey our brand’s spirit, in order to accentuate the differences between us and other world leading industry brands, and to stress our brand’s distinguished characteristics.

We call out to Taiwan’s most outstanding creative partners to assist us in accentuating LORRIC’s three main brand characteristics, and fuse them together with visual art that corresponds to LORRIC’s brand essence. When creating visual art for LORRIC, we would like to infuse it with our brand’s spirit, such as is embodied in our “Paranoid about performance” slogan. In order to convey this idea to its fullest, we chose a very hard, time consuming, yet very rich and sincere method of visual art: hand drawn illustration, through which we have created the following three illustrations to convey our brand’s three main characteristics.

As mentioned before, we have taken a very peculiar life form, the sperm whale, as our brand’s symbol: The wisest and most courageous of whales, sperm whales are able to dive up to 2,000 meters into the ocean’s depths, and face with courage the deepest and most hostile of environments – truly the ocean’s embodiment of wisdom and power. Taking it as inspiration, LORRIC embodies that creature’s spirit in the company’s brand, from product R&D, manufacturing, material selection, marketing, and sales.

In charge of creating our hand-drawn illustrations is Taiwanese cutting-edge artist Ye Xin-Wen, who infused the illustrations’ factory-like industrial style with inspiration taken from fairytale fantasy, science-fiction and steampunk, and have them made by a combination of traditional hand-drawing techniques along with modern digital image-manipulation. This year-long process came to fruition with our brand’s three distinguished concept illustrations: “Challenge”, “Focus” and “Leap". This series of illustrations was then awarded in Japan, Switzerland, United States, and China from 2015 to 2016, you may see these honors as below.

2015 | ”ASIAGRAPH 2015 CG Art Gallery", Japan

2016 | “Imaginary Landscapes III Brochure, Switzerland

| ”3x3 Illustration" / No.13 / Merit, USA

| ”Hiii Illustration" / Best of The Best, China


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