Marine environmental protection starts with handwashing [LORRIC Environmentally Aware Factory Management-Personal Oil Cleanup]

Since July 1, 2007, the Environmental Protection Agency has stipulated six categories of personal cleaning products, including shampoo, facial cleanser, shower gel, soap, scrub, and toothpaste, to not be sold containing plastic particles.

The importance of flowmeters under stricter regulations of wastewater disposal

With the increase in Water consumption in all areas, it is a critical time for governments to promote effective and responsible water use, treatment, and disposal. In most countries, wastewater laws have been implemented, laying the foundation for sustainable wastewater management.

LORRIC Product Application In Electroplating Industry

Spray nozzles are critical in plating applications because many product quality problems – including poor adhesion, bumpy surface, corrosion and uneven plating – can often be traced back to improper spraying.