LORRIC launches our online product manuals

LORRIC keep paying efforts on user experience optimization. Besides our products, we builds up the best online/ offline user documents provided by our official site and choose external online tools with excellent UI/ UX. LORRIC choose "Gitbook" as the platform for our user documents. Our user could review each product manuals in English, traditional chinese, and simplified chinese on their smartphone or computer. They can also export there user manuals to PDF file and print it out for the occasion they could not use smartphone and computer.


LORRIC launched the parameter function description videos of paddle wheel flowmeter.

In order to increase usability in the operation of the paddlewheel flow meter, LORRIC has filmed instructional videos of the paddlewheel flow meter for the parameters A~H.


FP-AS510 Paddle wheel flowmeter Product Instruction

There are the product instructions of each hardware/ firmware version, please refer to this page.


QFMF 016-3, AMP-300, AMP-400, and TH are only sold exclusively through special channels. Please contact us for more information!

Recently, LORRIC have noticed the nozzle products QFMF 016-3, AMP-300, AMP-400, and TH being sold at low prices by companies claiming to be from China, Japan, or LORRIC.


LORRIC Counterfeit ProductsReminder Statement

Since the foundation of LORRIC, our insistence in the use of high quality materials and processing allows us to guarantee first-class manufacturing of nozzles and flow meters that have earned the trust of our customers for 30 years.
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