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6 reasons to join LORRIC

Wide range of industrial applications

We provide a wide range of industrial nozzles. In addition, Taiwan-made equipment is common among industries in Southeast Asia. The use of original components is almost a choice for all equipment users. Because of its wide application, no matter which country or region you promote LORRIC nozzle products, there is a certain sales niche; Before selling LORRIC nozzles, customers are already standing in front of you, waiting for your development and promotion.

The industrial applications are listed as follows:

Agriculture | Car wash | Chemical industry | Coating industry | Cooling water tower | Copper foil industry | Electroplating industry | Exhaust gas treatment | Environmental protection industry | Food industry | Washing machine | Petrochemical industry | Pharmaceutical industry | Circuit board | Semiconductor | Sludge dewatering equipment | Steel industry



Industry niche for industrial fluid products

The industry has a high threshold which makes it difficult for competitors to enter, and because there are few competitors, the relative competition is not fierce. Therefore, once our products enter the market, they will not be easily replaced by competing products after having a certain market share.

● Nozzles are basically components of industrial production equipment with consumable features. The demand for replacement nozzles with regular customer repurchase will be a long-term business foundation.

● Metering equipment such as flow meters are widely used in most industries, where liquid and wastewater are treated. The metering equipment has high precision requirements, for the processing ability of each part, the correction technology of the finished product, and even the custom-made scale according to the proportion of the liquid are the decisive factors for the performance of the flow meter. Under the demand of chemical resistance, the material requirements are high, and the mastery of materials is the key to the competitiveness of flowmeter products.

New product development kinetic energy

In the field of electronic sensing equipment, LORRIC is constantly investing resources in design and development. During the development of the LORRIC ultrasonic flowmeter, we found that the installation often caused problems for the user, so the new ultrasonic wave flowmeter buckle design was born and patented. We also continued to cooperate with famous universities in Taiwan. Investing more resources, developing new products, and improving old products, trying to extend a broader and deeper business niche.


30 years industrial experience, and more than 3,000 direct customers

Established in 1991, LORRIC is the largest professional industrial nozzle manufacturer in Taiwan and the largest manufacturer of small and medium polymer material flowmeters. LORRIC supplies most of the Taiwanese equipment manufacturer related components, serving more than 3,000 direct customers, as well as countless indirect customers. Taiwan is one of the most important equipment manufacturers in Asia. The equipment is found in various industrial centers in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia. It has become an are of distribution of LORRIC products, with business opportunities everywhere, and the development cost is relatively low, and profitability is expected!



Powerful marketing support

Brand building

LORRIC spares no effort in brand building with complete brand visuals, artistic media that specifically articulates brand image, a solid brand story with solid technology research and development capabilities and operational performance, and brand and product reputation accumulated by our industry reputation. The power of LORRIC's brand will be your best promotional tool.

Full support of marketing materials

Brand website Our website is complete and the official website is updated with the times. We also reserve the possibility of building more language websites. We know that the language barrier is an important driving force for business promotion. In website planning, we value the user experience and plan the website with the most advanced UI (user interface) / UX (user experience). At the same time, we attach great importance to the visual impression. All product images are taken by professional photographers, showing the highest quality appearance and details. The website is our best and most convenient product display space. Customers can easily use the website to get the product information they need and further contact with the business, which is a positive business promotion cycle.

Solid content marketing LORRIC understands the user's mindset and writes practical articles for industries, applications, materials, and installations. The LORRIC website is the user's industrial nozzle knowledge platform. Knowledge builds trust and trust builds brands. The brand builds sales, while at the same time the solid website content shows the on the search results of the web search engine.

Continuous investment in various online marketing platforms We continue to invest in various online marketing platforms to gain business opportunities in a wider area of the world, and continue to accumulate LORRIC's industry reputation on the Internet. Our active platforms are: Google keyword advertising | Yahoo Keyword Advertising|Alibaba|LinkedIn.

Exquisite and complete product catalogue As we all know, Japan is a big industrial country in the world. Its industrial product catalogue is well-known and clear and practical. LORRIC invites Japanese designers to plan and design LORRIC catalogue according to the standard of Japanese industry. Our detailed data sheets are included in the product, supplemented by high-quality product images and related graphic diagrams, so that the LORRIC catalogue is just like an encyclopedia for industrial nozzles, and it can be a practical reference book for customers to check the product specifications at any time.

Other supporting marketing matrials 

Whether it is a single-page product flyer, various product display racks, or special supporting products, LORRIC provides various planning and support for the production of various products to facilitate the smooth promotion of the business.


Rochling X LORRIC  Affirmation from the world's largest material supplier

Rochling, the world's largest supplier of materials from Germany, is widely used in a variety of high-quality materials. LORRIC is a loyal user of Rochling. However, LORRIC knows the progress of the manufacturing industry and materials are the key. Therefore, we hope to improve the overall industry level by promoting Rochling products. Fortunately, LORRIC's brand philosophy and product quality have been recognized by Rochling, which has led Rochling's deep partnership with LORRIC to assist Rochling's products in Taiwan.


Who is suitable to be a LORRIC Distributor?

Pipeline system related industry experience, and entrepreneurial ideas, familiar with the local related industries, and already have a certain network.


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