Marine environmental protection starts with handwashing [LORRIC Environmentally Aware Factory Management-Personal Oil Cleanup]

Since July 1, 2007, the Environmental Protection Agency has stipulated six categories of personal cleaning products, including shampoo, facial cleanser, shower gel, soap, scrub, and toothpaste, to not be sold containing plastic particles. “Plastic microparticles” refer to solid plastic particles with a particle size range of less than 5mm for human exfoliation or cleaning purposes. They are often used by the industry in cosmetics and personal cleaning products to achieve what the industry calls exfoliation. Cleaning and other effects may endanger marine ecology, and even become part of the food chain that affects the health of Chinese people.

LORRIC Product Application In Electroplating Industry

Spray nozzles are critical in plating applications because many product quality problems – including poor adhesion, bumpy surface, corrosion and uneven plating – can often be traced back to improper spraying.