What is RS485: 5 minutes to understand it

RS485 does not define the specific communication protocol, including transmission speed, format, and protocol. Instead, it focuses solely on outlining the electrical characteristics of the transmitters and receivers, known as the physical layer. RS485 specifies the data transmission rate, cable length, and the relationship between branch line length and configuration.

Common Switch Communication Interface of Flowmeters

● What is a Switch Signal?
● Reed switch
● Electromagnetic Relay
● Transistors
● Other logic output interface

The role of “environment and device diagnostics information” in flow monitoring

● What is Other Information?
● What is the other information included?
● How do users obtain the data of other information?
● Communication Transmission Recommendations

The role of "Cumulative Flow" data in flow monitoring.

● What is “Totalizer”? ● The three common monitoring indicators of flowmeters ● How do users obtain the data of "Totalizer"? ● Data application of "Cumulative flow"

The role of "Instantaneous Flow" data in flow monitoring.

● What is “Instantaneous Flow”?
● Relationship between “Instantaneous Flow” and “Cumulative Flow”
● How do users obtain “Instantaneous Flow” data?
● Communication Transmission Recommendations
● Data application of "Instantaneous Flow"?

"How to install an Ultrasonic flowmeter?" - The importance of ToS and ToM in determining the correct location of ultrasonic flowmeter installation -

● Let's talk about ToF first before explaining ToM and ToS.
● What are ToM and ToS?
● Necessity of ToM and ToS for Ultrasonic Flowmeter Installation.

"How to install an ultrasonic flowmeter?" - How to comprehensively evaluate the best installation location based on RSSI and Q value? -

● Why should the ultrasonic flowmeter be installed in the best installation location?
● What are RSSI and Q-values?
● The relationship between RSSI and Q value.
● How to combine RSSI and Q-value to evaluate the best installation location?

How to choose the right Ultrasonic Flowmeter probe size?

How Ultrasonic Flowmeter probes work The Ultrasonic Flowmeter probe which is also known as the Ultrasonic transmitting transducer, mainly has two working modes, first is to convert electrical signals into mechanical waves through piezoelectric elements and the other is to convert mechanical waves into electrical signals also by piezoelectric elements.

How LORRIC’s AxleSense technology improves the efficiency of routine maintainance

● LORRIC AxleSense technology for paddle wheel flowmeter
● LORRIC’s patent AxleSense technology provides predictive maintenance.
● To compare with routine maintenance, predictive maintenance is a more important concept for on-site management.
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