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Other Information about Flow Rate


As flow meter technology matures, accurate flow measurement is no longer the only criterion customers consider when selecting flow meters. LORRIC has invested considerable effort in researching and developing functionalities to address challenges and pain points encountered by customers in using flow meters. These developments allow customers to save time on programming and lay the foundation for more complex functions.

What is Considered 'Additional Information'?

Various flow meters on the market primarily transmit instantaneous and cumulative flow data. LORRIC categorizes any data beyond these as 'additional information.' LORRIC's flow meters can monitor flow direction, magnetic interference, cumulative data by date, and whether the flow exceeds set limits, among other information. This additional data is crucial in the context of Industry 4.0, where sensors are ubiquitous, and supplementary information, though not directly related, is valuable.

What Does 'Additional Information' Include?

➤ Self-Health: Diagnosing the flow meter's condition, with Alarm A containing information related to the device's health, such as magnetic interference, paddlewheel abnormalities, monitoring screen presence, current loop disconnection, hardware failure, switch signal status, battery level, paddlewheel health indicator, sound speed, RSSI, Q, ToM/ToS.
➤ Parameter Settings: All parameters are configurable and retrievable, and can be transmitted back via RS485, allowing remote changes or status checks of the flow meter, such as all set parameters, date, and cumulative data by date.
➤ Environmental Monitoring: Environmental data from the flow meter's location, such as temperature.
➤ User-Defined: Alarm B mostly contains user-defined scenarios, informing users if the measured value operates within range, such as whether the flow exceeds set limits or if the cumulative flow surpasses the target.

How Can Users Obtain 'Additional Information'?

Direct Operation
LORRIC's flow meters provide most available additional information through alarms, enabling customers to monitor device and flow conditions without extra programming.
Lorric AxleSense Paddlewheel Flowmeter Alarm and System Status Description
Switch Signal
All alarms can output switch signals to external devices when triggered.
Most additional information does not utilize 4-20mA communication for transmission.
All parameters are configurable, retrievable, and can be remotely modified or used to confirm the flow meter's status.

Communication Protocol

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