Hardware change log of FP-AS510 paddle wheel flowmeter

In order to achieve the perfection in LORRIC products, we pays lots of attention of hardware development and keep optimizing product efficacy. For making it clear for our users to differentiate new functionalities of each new hardware version. We list all the details of each hardware version below.


How to find out the product version? 

First of all, please make sure which hardware version of the product you own. You may check the sticker on the left side of the device as shown below to find the hardware version.


The hardware version could be found in the sticker on left side of the device (as shown below) which is correspond to the firmware version.



Hardware change log 

Hardware Version 1.3.1 

- New Feature:

    ● The optimization of 3 colors LCD backlights


Hardware Version 1.3 

- Notes:

    ● From this hardware version, the firmware should be adapted the version after 2.0.0. 

- New Features:

    ● Adding new analog current output range option 0-20mA.

    ● The analog current output circuit no longer needs additional power supply, and the power supply of device can directly drive the analog current output.


Hardware Version 1.2 

- Notes:

    ● The firmware Support of this hardware version is only up to version 1.x.x.


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