LORRIC Counterfeit ProductsReminder Statement

Since the foundation of LORRIC, our consistency in the use of high quality materials and processing allows us to guarantee first-class manufacturing of nozzles and flow meters that have earned the trust of our customers for over 30 years now. As a result of market-wide recognition and preference for LORRIC and the Kingspray products due to it’s high quality, a few years ago we discovered a number of counterfeit products claiming to be manufactured in China, Japan, or LORRIC factories under the name of LORRIC or Kingspray. These products that are made both with inferior materials and manufacturing processes are circulated on the market. This not only damages our profits but even more so the victims are the customers that purchase these counterfeits.


Since the sale of these products have to be conducted through exclusive channels, many counterfeit products have emerged as a result of these circumstances.

 In particular, the four nozzle products QFMF 016-3, AMP-300, AMP-400 and TH are only sold exclusively through LORRIC’s authorized distributors and recognized resellers. . If you are interested in the above four products, please contact LORRIC for more detailed information.


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