4 useful features of LORRIC nozzle flow rate chart


kgf/cm², MPa, bar, and psi are main units of pressure adopted in different areas in the world.


Country Unit
Taiwan kgf/cm², l/min
Japan MPa, l/min
North America psi, gal/min
Other countries bar, l/min


4 useful features


◉ Feature ① Users are able to switch to each pressure unit easily and quickly:For computer users, the unit could be easily switched by shifting the cursor to the unit and clicking it. For smartphone users, they can just tap the unit area with their fingers to switch units easily.



◉ Feature ② The standard pressure is remarked in red:According to the applications and spray styles, there is standard pressure for each nozzle type which is the pressure for it to be able to spray and keep its standard spray angle.


◉ Feature ③ Separated background color arrangement of chart for spray angle and capacity code:LORRIC uses different colors in the chart for spray angle and capacity code separately. This arrangement helps users to differentiate what each number stands for and get the data they need as quickly as they can.



◉ Feature ④ Mobile version available for easy and friendly usage and read on your smartphone:When users read this chart on their smartphone, there will be a lite version for checking the chart on the smaller and vertical screen with less and more important data. Users are still able to use their fingers easily to tap the number and differentiate the corresponding spray angle and pressure date immediately.

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