Patented easy probes-install metal guide rail

Patented product, For installing probes of ultrasonic flow meters, Able to be installed Independently in confined space, Applicable to 2"- 16"pipe
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Energy-saving monitoring│Water-saving management│Industrial use│Tap water, cool water, hot water, raw water, sea water, beverages, oil and other liquid.│ Power plants (nuclear power, fire, water)

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Product Features
  • LORRIC redesigned the whole workflow of ultrasonic probe installation. The goal was to make it so easy, it can be installed even with only one worker. After countless effort and field tests, LORRIC C finally realized it with our patented guide rail., With it our users can easily install probes even in a confined space. In addition, users have more flexibility selecting an installation location.
  • LORRIC patent metal guide rail is designed to work with our medium size probe for TM1(2inch to 8 inch pipe) and large size probe TL1(for 8 to 16 inch pipe). Just like our plastic guide rail, LORRIC’s guide rails provide long-term stability, prevent long term wear and tear due to temperature and vibration.
  • LORRIC’s guide rail is applicable for installing probes in the same or opposite sides.
  • Please use 8mm wrench or hex socket nut driver to quickly tighten the hose clamp.
  • Must be purchased with LORRIC ultrasonic flow meters, FU-TX-310.
Patented easy probes-install metal guide rail
  • Stainless Steel
Patented easy probes-install metal guide rail


Material Guarantees
We take high quality smithing metal to produce solid and durable products by detail turning.
We promise never using recycled materials.
High Quality
All material is purchased from world top providers.


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