EchoSense Clamp-on Type Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Simple Technology, Made in Taiwan!
Experience the effortless power of EchoSense - ready-to-use without complicated setup. Our easy clip-on installation design saves time and effort, with no downtime or pipe cutting during maintenance. EchoSense is installed externally, preventing pipe damage, clogging, leaks, and pressure problems. Enjoy the cost-effective solution that reduces installation and maintenance expenses. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to efficiency with EchoSense!
Applicable for
Semiconductor Industry│Water Treatment Industry│Chemical Industry│Energy-Saving Monitoring│Water-Saving Management│Industrial Uses│Tap Water, Cooling Water, Hot Water, Raw Water, Sea Water, Beverages, Oil and Other Liquids│Power Plants (Nuclear Power, Thermal power, Hydraulic Power), Heating Place

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Newly Invented "EchoSense" Technology
Newly Invented "EchoSense" Technology
LORRIC, driven by innovative software thinking, tackles customer challenges with hardware solutions. EchoSense, an integrated technology powered by LORRIC's patents, revolutionizes flow monitoring. With our exclusive algorithm and ultrasonic wave detection, EchoSense simplifies the process. It automatically completes basic settings and enables immediate flow monitoring, setting it apart as the only ultrasonic flowmeter in the market that works right after installation. Say goodbye to delays and hello to instant results with LORRIC's EchoSense ultrasonic flowmeter
*EchoSense 1.0 now comes with intelligent detection and automatic pipe specification and material settings. And get ready for EchoSense 2.0, which will introduce the amazing feature of detecting and obtaining sound velocity data. Stay tuned for even more advancements in the world of EchoSense!

Suitable for various fluid flow detection in various states

No matter the liquid type—water, raw water, sea water, beverages, chemicals, solvents, or oils—EchoSense ultrasonic flowmeters excel in challenging conditions like high temperature, viscosity, and bubbles. They deliver highly accurate flow data, with a measurement precision of less than ±2%, even when there are small amounts of solids or bubbles. Count on EchoSense for reliable and precise flow measurements in any situation.

*Specific liquids with exceptionally high or low sound velocities may create abnormal conditions.

Automatic detection of pipe specifications

With "EchoSense" technology installation, you can skip the hassle of additional settings. It automatically detects and adapts to various pipe regulations used worldwide, such as Taiwan regulations, Japanese regulations, American regulations, and more. Say goodbye to manual configurations and enjoy the convenience of seamless integration with EchoSense.

Automatic detection of pipe specifications 
Monitoring Principle

Monitoring Principle

Delta TOF (transit time difference method) is detected by the time difference between upstream and downlstream. If there are too many air bubbles, measurement will not be possible.

Real-time intelligent detection of common issues involve in using ultrasonic flowmeters.

EchoSense technology goes beyond acquiring pipeline-related data. It also collects ultrasonic detection data and applies advanced algorithms to analyze the fluid state within the pipeline.

Unlike other external ultrasonic flowmeters in the market that struggle to differentiate between zero flow, flowmeter misalignment, excessive impurities in the liquid, and changes in fluid sound velocity, EchoSense takes a different approach.

Instead of displaying zero flow or poor signal strength, it detects and distinguishes these situations. When a pipeline issue arises, EchoSense issues a warning, enabling users to accurately monitor the pipeline status, quickly identify the problem's cause, and find an instant solution. Say goodbye to misjudgment and troubleshooting delays with LORRIC's exclusive EchoSense technology.

Comparison of abnormal message display between LORRIC and other brands of ultrasonic flowmeters


  LORRIC EchoSense Ultrasonic Flow Meter Other brands of clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter
Abnormal installation or dislocation of flowmeter Incorrect Installation

Abnormal Signal Strength

or Zero Flowrate

Pipe Blockage, Excessive Impurities Abnormal Fluid

Abnormal Signal Strength

or Zero Flowrate

Flow is Zero Flow is Zero Flow is Zero
The change of liquid's sound velocity makes it impossible to measure Abnormal Fluid Velocity

Abnormal Signal Strength

or Zero Flowrate



Automatic detection of pipe specifications

 Automatic detection of pipe specifications

EchoSense technology automatically senses the sound velocity of liquid in pipes and continuously corrects it in real time. This reduces flow monitoring errors and ensures precise measurements at all times. With EchoSense, say goodbye to monitoring inaccuracies and enjoy reliable flow measurement like never before.




Just 3 Steps in 3 Minutes!

Just 3 Steps in 3 Minutes!
Ultrasonic flowmeters offer the advantage of easy installation without the need to cut the pipe. No machine downtime or pipe damage occurs during installation, eliminating the risks of pressure loss, leakage, and liquid deterioration. Say goodbye to complex pipe cutting and hello to seamless installation with ultrasonic flowmeters.
Even More Simplified Installation Experience
LORRIC understands the pain points of users and strives to enhance the installation experience. With the goal of simplicity and independence, we've designed our flowmeter with two easy-to-use horseshoe-shaped buckles. Just connect and insert them into the flowmeter body, and they securely clamp onto the pipe. No more hassle with screws that cause damage or misalignment. Our four-corner anti-falling screw design allows you to lock the sensor and buckle in place effortlessly using a hexagonal wrench, all with just one hand. And the top configuration knob ensures a perfect fit, tightly hugging the pipe's outer wall. It's a straightforward process that anyone can handle, even if you're new to it. No engineering background or experience required—installation has never been easier with LORRIC.
*The minimum flow rate may vary slightly depending on factors such as pipe diameter and fluid properties
Suitable for Different Types of Piping
The EchoSense ultrasonic flowmeter is designed with a simple and convenient buckle system, allowing for easy installation on different types of pipes, including metal (such as iron and stainless steel) and plastic (such as PVC, PVDF, PP) pipes. It is compatible with various pipe specifications, such as American, Japanese, and Taiwanese standards. With EchoSense, you can effortlessly start monitoring the flow rate in no time.


*PVDF and PP pipes with special dimensions may have weaker signal strength




Other Important Features
No More Need for Ultrasonic Gel 
No More Need for Ultrasonic Gel

The EchoSense ultrasonic flowmeter has a special design called the "ultrasonic gasket pad" at the bottom. It eliminates the need for ultrasonic gel and doesn't require frequent replacement. This saves time, money, and reduces the need for manual labor.

EchoSense display screen can be switched based on whether the pipe is vertical or horizontal

The LORRIC pipe clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter head screen display panel adjusts its viewing direction according to the piping orientation, whether horizontal or vertical. This allows for convenient flow monitoring in different piping situations.

EchoSense display screen can be switched based on whether the pipe is vertical or horizontal
Provides the Highest Chemical Resistance Up-to-Date 
Provides the Highest Chemical Resistance Up-to-Date

Except for a few metal components such as screws and buckles made of 304 stainless steel, the overall construction of the device is composed of engineering plastics such as Nylon, PPS, and PEEK. With excellent chemical resistance and a durable appearance, it's perfect for any environment. Plus, it embraces the 5S management concept for streamlined efficiency and offers a long service life you can rely on.

Multiple Communication Outputs

Built-in communication modes such as Rs485, 0-20mA/4-20mA, Pulse, etc., can switch programs and communication modes according to environmental needs.

Multiple Communication Outputs



Large green, orange and red alarm indicator lights


Large green, orange and red alarm indicator lights


◉ Large bright LED screen allows for data monitoring at any time from far away, which saves the need to constantly check the screen from up close.


◉ Green, orange and red indicator lights: Red – Major abnormality; Green – Normal operation; Orange – Non-urgent data display. This system’s big advantage is that no matter how far the user stands from the screen, the changing indicator light’s color can clearly indicate the status of the equipment and whether any abnormality occurs.


Exclusive LCD/LED double screen design, double screen monitoring

Exclusive LCD/LED double screen design, double screen monitoring

Currently in the process of filing for a patent trademark in the whole world


◉ Double screen display:LED-5 digits LED/LCD 16x3 LCD backlight display


◉ Large bright LED digits display screen for flow observation:LED’s brightness is best suited for long-distance monitoring. Because of limited display space – numbers are better suited than words. In LORRIC’s design philosophy, we chose to line up a large LED screen to display mostly numerical data for flow monitoring. This allows the users standing further away to clearly observe the immediate flow conditions without the need to get closer.


◉ LCD screen best suited for the display of more complex text-based details:Software interface, screen clarity, and button design all contribute to a superior more convenient installation experience, especially at times when attempting to use small narrow spaces for flowmeter installation. LORRIC’s paddlewheel flowmeter’s LCD screen can be used for the task of installation and setup, as the LCD screen’s ability to display more detailed text makes it easier for the user to clearly identify all needed options, thus contributing to smoother and quicker flowmeter installation process.


Complete and easy-to-understand instruction

LORRIC provides detailed product instructions on different platforms: Users can view electronic manuals on their mobile phones, which increases the convenience of on-site operations. Users can also better understand the operation process through our youtube educational videos. LORRIC increases the user's ease of use of product instructions, which improves the efficiency of completing tasks.

FU-ES EchoSense Clamp-on Type Ultrasonic Flowmeter instruction Manual 
FU-ES EchoSense Clamp-on Type Ultrasonic Flowmeter instruction Manual

The manual includes product safety instructions, hardware/firmware version instructions, measurement principles, usage scenarios, warranty, product appearance, etc. 

EchoSense Clamp-on Type Ultrasonic Flowmeter Instruction Manual v1.0

Comparison with Other Measurement Principles on the Market


Variable area flowmeter Paddle wheel flowmeters


Clamp-on Type Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Electromagnetic flowmeter

Ultrasonic flowmeters

Pipeline loss Low Low No No No
Non-invasive install No No Yes No Yes
Installation Difficulty High High Low High Middle
Installation Time Required Slow Slow Extremely fast Slow Fast
Precision Middle Middle High highest High
Bidirectional flow detectable No No Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Detection of Pipe Specifications No No Yes No No
Blockages Possible Possible Not possible Not possibl Not possibl
Applicable fluid Air / Liquid Liquid Liquid (contains impurities)
Conductive liquid Liquid
Cost Lowest-costs in small diameter pipe, cost increases with pipe diameter

Low-costs, cost increases with pipe diameter

Average Price, the price does not increase with the pipe diameter

High-costs, cost increases with pipe diameter

Middle-costs Cost does not increase with pipe diameter



FU-ES015 FU-ES020 FU-ES025 FU-ES032 FU-ES040 FU-ES050 FU-ES065 FU-ES075
Installation method Outside the pipe (clamp-on type)
Applicable diameter

21-22 mm 

25-27.2 mm 

32-34 mm 

38-42.16 mm 

48-50 mm 

60-63 mm 

73-76.3 mm 

88.9-90 mm 

0.83-0.87 inch 0.83-0.87 inch  1.26-1.34 inch 1.5-1.66 inch 1.89-1.97 inch  2.36-2.48 inch 2.87-3 inch 3.5-3.54 inch 
Applicable pipe material Metal pipe, Plastic pipe (UPVC, PPH, PVDF)
Applicable fluid Various liquids (no impurities or air bubbles)
Applicable fluid temperature 0 ~ 85°C (no ice on the piping surface)
Velocity range ±0.3 to 6.0 m/s recommended, ±0.1 to 10m/s measurable
Flow range

1.5-120 LPM 

2-200 LPM 

3-300 LPM 

5-470 LPM 

8-770 LPM 

13-1320 LPM 

22-1670 LPM 

30-1870 LPM 

0.4-31.7 gpm 0.53-52.83 gpm 0.53-52.83 gpm 1.32-124.16 gpm 2.11-203.41 gpm  3.43-348.71 gpm 5.81-441.17 gpm 7.93-494 gpm 
Language English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese (others can be customized)

Metric - Meters, Cubic Meters, Liters

Time - Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days

Imperial - Feet, Cubic Feet, UK gallon, US gallon

Display mode Dual screen display: 5-digit LED + 3-color backlight, 3-line 16-character LCD
Display update cycle 0.5s、1s
Measurement Accuracy

±3.0% RD at 10% to 100% of F.S.

±0.3% F.S. at 0% to 10% of F.S.*

Display resolution Maximum resolution 0.0001 (finest)
Power demand DC 12V to 36V
Power I/O Connector M12 8-pin connector

Analog output with self-powered 16-bit 4-20mA

Modbus RTU RS485

two-wire optocoupler switch signal (with 2 meters long signal line)

Consumption current

<200mA@12V when starting up and working stably

(not included in the communication current)

Protection circuit Power reverse connection protection, Power surge protection
waterproof level IP66 **
Ambient temperature -10 ~ 60°C (no freezing)
Relative humidity 35~ 85%RH (non-condensing)
material PPS+GF、PEEK、NBR、Silicon、PA66+GF、PC+GF、SS304、PMMA
weight (g) 770 770 785 800 1390 1540 1580 1650


The measurement accuracy is established in a controlled laboratory environment where the pipe and fluid conditions are set and the instrument is calibrated to zero before conducting tests at 25°C. Although statistical results are obtained under these conditions, there may be variances in accuracy when used in customer environments.

** Incorrect installation when rotating the screen by loosening the screws around it may affect the IP66 waterproof protection.


EchoSense 單件式易扣超音波流量計 (超聲波流量計) 尺寸表

FU-ES series (mm)
Model A B C D E F G H I J K L
FU-ES015 169.85 64 79 64 22 54 22 25 20 120.53 155 105
FU-ES020 169.85 64 79 64 22 54 22 25 20 124.02 155 105
FU-ES025 169.85 64 79 64 22 54 22 25 20 133.52 155 105
FU-ES032 169.85 64 79 64 22 54 22 25 20 143.02 155 105
FU-ES040 / FU-ES050 / FU-ES065 / FU-ES080 Coming soon


Safety instructions:

1. After the warranty, the electronic components of the product will age due to time and operating environment. Under long-term use, please replace the new product according to the condition of the product.

2. Do not operate the product under an Orange or Red LCD Backlight for a long time. Product damage and related losses may occur.


Conditions and Disclaimer:

CONDITIONS: Equipment sold by LORRIC is not intended to be used, nor shall it be used:

(1) As a “Basic Component” under 10 CFR 21 (NRC), used in or with any nuclear installation or activity; or (2) In medical applications or used on humans. Should any product(s) be used in or with any nuclear installation or activity, medical application, used on humans, or misused in any way, LORRIC assumes no responsibility as set forth in our basic WARRANTY/ DISCLAIMER language, and, additionally, purchaser will indemnify LORRIC and hold LORRIC harmless from any liability or damage whatsoever arising out of the use of the product(s) in such a manner.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that magnetic fields or residual magnetism may cause interference to the flowmeter which may result in damage if they are used near the installation site. The purchaser must determine the applicability of the product for its desired use and assumes all risks in connection therewith. LORRIC assumes no responsibility or liability for any omissions or errors in connection with the use of its products.

The alarm used to detect paddle damage or loss is intended to assist on-site operators to find out what is causing equipment abnormalities. Because there are a myriad of variables involved with on-site operation and magnetic fields that come from other equipment, the alarm function is liable to fail. Please do not take the alarm function as a single source for monitoring your flow system. Please contact LORRIC for advanced help.

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