R & D is part of LORRIC's DNA. We are glad to support academic research from universities, colleges, and non-profit academic institutions. If you are interested in using LORRIC products, nozzles, and flow meters to support and accomplish your academic research, please contact us through the email address below for details of how to request product samples.

Related fields and applications listed as below:

Air Washing | Caster Cooling | Chemical Injection | Chemical Absorber | Cleaning / Washing | Coating | Cooling | Deburring | Defoaming | Dust Suppression | Etching & Developing | Fog Making / Misting | Gas Cooling / Gas Conditioning | Humidification | Oiling | Pressure Washing | Rinsing | Roll Cooling | Stirring | Tank Cleaning | Wet Scrubber / NOx Control | Granulation phenomenon | Flowfield simulation
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