In order to achieve the perfection in LORRIC products, we pays lots of attention of firmware development and keep optimizing product efficacy. For making it clear for our users to differentiate new functionalities of each new firmware version. We list all the details of each firmware version below.

How to confirm firmware version on your products?

The firmware version can be found at the bottom right corner of the startup screen (as shown below in the red frame) which corresponds to the hardware version. Power on and off the device to see this screen, then the screen will hold for 3 seconds.

Firmware Version

  • Firmware Version 2.2.4
    New Feature:
    1. Support FP-AS510 Hardware 1.3.1R
    Feature Improvement:
    2. Startup screen will show hardware configuration(complete/A/R) 
    3. Setup menu items will show "Not Available" when the hardware is not support the functions
    Bug Fix:
    - Minor bug fix

  • Firmware Version 2.2.3
    Bug Fix:
    - Minor bug fix

  • Firmware Version 2.2.2
    New Feature:
    1. Flow data can be sent through Modbus in integer format, so the software development in PLC can be easier.
    2. Pulse width can now be set up to 50ms or 100ms, so the PLC can have more time to process.
    3. Pulse 2.0 can set up to 100 unit volume per signal, so PLC can spend less bandwidth on counting signals.

  • Firmware Version 2.2.0
    New Feature:
    1. When D14 IoutStatAla and the current output function are both activated, alarm A will be triggered by current loop output hardware abnormality.
    2. When the current loop output function is activated, but if the current loop is not connected corresponding Alarm C will be activated.
    3. The device will automatically restart when the machine is stuck for several seconds.
    Feature Improvement:
    4. All Alarm A’s are set to be “Do not disturb mode” by default. Do not disturb means that when an abnormality occurs, the color and LED displayed on the screen will not change, but the RS485 OCT output for the alarm and status page are still working accordingly.

  • Firmware Version 2.1.0
    Functional Debugging :
    - The abnormal display of the date in some cases is now fixed.

  • Firmware Version 2.0.0
    - Starting from this firmware version, the hardware must be version 1.3 or later.
    New Feature:
    1. Firmware update in order to support the new hardware of the current loop interface on hardware version 1.3.
    2. Add a large font display page: Page for FLOW RATE, FLOW SPEED, TOTALIZER.
    3. new parameter A08 for High speed update mode: User can choose the screen update speed between twice a second and once a second.
    4. Password lock for setup page: New parameter H04 to enable password for preventing unwanted access to the setup pages, new parameter H08 can modify four-digit password.
    5. Pulse 2.0 : Link. Improved pulse output function. users can use the new parameter D15 to select different unit volumes for pulse 2.0 output. This is an exclusive feature based on patented AxelSense technology.

    Feature Improvement:
    ● UI: font alignment optimization.
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