We're thrilled to announce that our EchoSense Ultrasonic Flowmeter has been recognized with the prestigious iF Design Award, a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in the fluid measurement industry. This accolade is not just a feather in our cap but a milestone that underscores the fusion of form, function, and environmental stewardship at the heart of our product development philosophy.

iF Design Award LORRIC EchoSense Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Customer Voices Fueling Innovation

LORRIC EchoSense Ultrasonic Flow meter (Image source:iF Design Award)

The EchoSense Ultrasonic Flowmeter, conceived from our dedication to precision and reliability, is engineered to meet the diverse needs of modern industries. With its cutting-edge ultrasonic technology, this flowmeter represents a leap forward in non-invasive fluid measurement, offering unparalleled accuracy, ease of use and various sizes.

EchoSense Clamp-on Design (Image source:iF Design Award)

Our journey to this point has been driven by a desire to not only innovate but to do so in a way that addresses the real-world challenges faced by our clients. The development of the EchoSense Ultrasonic Flowmeter involved extensive research and collaboration, ensuring that every aspect of its design serves a purpose, from enhancing operational efficiency to reducing environmental impact.

CRE8: The Design Powerhouse Behind Lorric's Award-Winning Innovation

CRE8, a design studio established in 2001, has been named one of the top 50 design studios worldwide by iF Design. Committed to exceeding client expectations, CRE8 has, over the past two decades, worked with clients from around the globe to design products that excel in ergonomics, aesthetics, and functionality.
CRE8's portfolio showcases its interdisciplinary excellence in innovation. From product design, branding, graphic design, packaging, UI design, mechanical engineering, to production support, CRE8 continually challenges the status quo, integrating user experience and market value into its designs, dedicated to creating the greatest value for its clients.
CRE8 Aesthetics and EchoSense:A Fusion of Durability and Aesthetics
The unique "X" shape of the EchoSense Ultrasonic Flowmeter not only makes it visually appealing but also enhances the structural stability of the device, ensuring its longevity. Additionally, a tool-free knob adjustment mechanism aids in aligning the sensor with the pipe, improving the flowmeter's detection accuracy. This feature, combined with the flowmeter's modular design, not only extends the product's life span but also optimizes the tool process, enhancing the product's sustainability.

What is iF Design Award?

The iF Design Award is a prestigious global design competition originating from Germany in 1953. It recognizes exceptional design across various disciplines, judged on criteria like innovation, functionality, and aesthetics. Winning signifies global design excellence.The award is celebrated for its rigorous evaluation process, where a panel of international experts assesses entries based on innovation, functionality, aesthetics, responsibility, and positioning.

LORRIC: Original Vision, Ongoing Mission

EchoSense blend aesthetic appeal with functional excellence

Winning the iF Design Award is a recognition of our efforts to blend aesthetic appeal with functional excellence. It's a reminder that great design goes beyond looks, encapsulating usability, sustainability, and technological advancement. This achievement is a stepping stone for LORRIC as we continue to explore new horizons in fluid dynamics technology. It reinforces our belief in the power of design to solve complex problems and improve lives. As we celebrate this accolade, we remain focused on our mission to deliver innovative solutions that propel industries forward while contributing to a sustainable future.


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