LORRIC nozzles have a smooth and precise appearance pattern - showing the highest level of machining standards.


LORRIC's spiral nozzles bend in a smooth, uninterrupted way. Due to the technical strength and diligence of our technicians, the nozzles show high processing standards that give them a continuous, smooth and beautiful spray pattern, providing the highest productivity. The difference compared to the standard nozzles available on the market is clear: The standard market nozzles have a rough appearance with discontinuous curved patterns. By observing their appearance, it is clear that the nozzles made in this approach will not have the best field performance, as well as an uneven spray shape, both of which will result in inefficiencies and more malfunctioning products, leading to poor output.



LORRIC specializes in the procurement of materials from top suppliers, never using recycled materials.


LORRIC nozzles are made using only world-class supplier materials, so they withstand higher pressures, more than three times higher than that of a standard brand nozzle. Long service life, best on-site performance, lower maintenance costs and higher work efficiency. LORRIC's products are tailored and fine-tuned to the individual requirements of the customer. When it comes to the real performance of our product quality, compromise is not a choice.



Non-branded conventional nozzles are made from recycled materials.


In order to appeal to market demands and lower production costs, no-brand regular market nozzles attempt to imitate large manufacturers’ nozzles’ external appearance, but do not strive to achieve their remarkably better onsite performance and lifespan. No-brand regular market nozzles are developed with an aim of low production-costs and low product price in mind, thus mostly relying on recycled materials. While their external form appears to be glossy and sleek with an undulated, wavy shape, their tolerance for pressure however is, after examination, turned out to be about a third of LORRIC’s nozzles. Their lifespan is short, onsite performance lacking, they frequently require repairs and maintenance, and often cause many a headache for onsite personnel.




LORRIC v.s. No Brand


LORRIC Nozzle No Brand Nozzle
Spray Reliability

Flow Volume Tolerance: ± 5%

Spray Angle Tolerance: ± 5°

No validation.
Spray Particle Size Tested through an in-house particle size examination platform. Lacking consideration in the matter.
Spray Capacity Offering various spray capacity standards to choose from. Customized spray capacity is not provided.
Spray Angle Providing different spray angles for different spray pattern needs. Limited spray angle which varies from 40 to 70 degrees.
Distribution LORRIC customizes nozzle spray distribution for special applications per client requirements. Lacking consideration in the matter.
Distribution Assurance Extensive quality assurance which guarantees every product shipped will perform ideally. Lacking consideration in the matter.
Spray Patterns Fan-shaped, Cone-shaped, Hollow-Cone shaped, Pillar-shaped, Spiral, and various others. Fan-shaped, Hollow-Cone shaped.
Material PVC, PP, PVDF, PEEK, Hastelloy, AISI 316, AISI 303, ABS, Titanium, etc. Respond to the industry requirements on the heat resistance, weight, and other requirements. Brass, PP, or ABS.
Quality LORRIC nozzles are not made from recycled materials and therefore have an extended life.

Recycled materials reduce production costs and threaten nozzle life.

Quality Control We make IQC, IPQC, OQC, to ensure that the nozzle spray quality to the standard. Lack of quality control.



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