New body design


    ◉ New version of the flow meter:

    Modified body curve design:the stability of the flow field is higher, greatly improved the float flow at high flow rate, the flow rate is easier to read.

    O-ring fixed on the body:he new O-ring design is now fixed on the body for better sealing.

    Both sides of the guide rail can be disassembled:easy to replace the components, with the use of PP material, for temperature, impact resistance.

    Partial thickening of the body threads:even if the concentricity of the pipe is poor, the installation is thicker and the nut is easier to lock and easier to install.











    New toothed double pointer design


    ◉ New flow meter:

    Outer toothed pointer positioning plate and positioning handle design

    1. External toothed positioning plate is anchored wider to have a more extended positioning range.

    2. Significantly increase the positioning stability and reliability.

    3. Adjust the positioning feel better, easier positioning.

    4. Significantly reduce the possibility of damage caused when the pointer is mobilized.

    Pointer material changed to PP:higher temperature and higher chemical resistance.








    Part of the original design so the new and old can be interchanged seamlessly


    ◉ No change in total body height.

    ◉ Laser scale design unchanged.

    ◉ Provides roughly the same flow ranges as the previous versions.

    ◉ Same calibration and accuracy.




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