Marine environmental protection starts with handwashing [LORRIC Environmentally Aware Factory Management-Personal Oil Cleanup]


Since July 1, 2007, the Environmental Protection Agency has stipulated six categories of personal cleaning products, including shampoo, facial cleanser, shower gel, soap, scrub, and toothpaste, to not be sold containing plastic particles. “Plastic microparticles” refer to solid plastic particles with a particle size range of less than 5mm for human exfoliation or cleaning purposes. They are often used by the industry in cosmetics and personal cleaning products to achieve what the industry calls exfoliation. Cleaning and other effects may endanger marine ecology, and even become part of the food chain that affects the health of Chinese people.




The latest sequel to the well-Known animation “The Story of Stuff”, led by the American environmentalist Annie Leonard——“The Story of Microbeads”, which tells the journey of plastic beads from daily necessities and products into the food chain.(The Story of Microbeads from The Story of Stuff Project on Vimeo.)


In addition to general household and personal cleaning products, motorcycle shops, large and small factories in Taiwan, workers who are exposed to mechanical oil often rely on the so-called “Black Hand Powder” cleaning of oil and grease accumulated on the fingers. Similar to the soft beads in the facial cleanser, Black Hand Powder is based on the principle of rubbing small solid particles on the surface of the skin, the dirt and oil on the hands can be taken away by the water along with the small particles physically. However, the Black Hand Powder is too small to be filtered out by the filtration system of a general factory or water treatment plant, the particles of the Black Hand Powder are discharged into the river, the ocean, and even into the household water system along with the filtered wastewater. This has quite a shocking impact on the marine environment.


LORRIC, who is constantly thinking about how to conduct daily product development and production in a more environmentally friendly way, found that the high-quality industrial fan and cone nozzles produced by LORRIC can replace the Black Hand Powder, scrubs, and facial cleansers with uniform liquid particles sprayed by high impact. The cleaning power of the cleaning particles such as microbeads penetrates the oil film attached to the skin, and when used with soap, it can easily wash away the oily stains on hands.


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Environmental protection thinking is implemented in work and life. LORRIC often thinks about product development and manufacturing. In addition to profit, whether it can also be used in the development of environmental protection work. LORRIC nozzle products are mostly used in Taiwan electronics, semiconductors, and coatings. However, due to LORRIC’s insistence on the product design and processing quality of industrial nozzles, the characteristics of “spraying” can be brought to the extreme, surpassing our daily imagination of its uses, and extending the possibility of application. Hoping that one day this application can be promoted to all walks of life, we have the opportunity and obligation to make the marine environment around Taiwan cleaner and more elegant.

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