How to choose the right Ultrasonic Flowmeter probe size?


How Ultrasonic Flowmeter probes work


The Ultrasonic Flowmeter probe which is also known as the Ultrasonic transmitting transducer, mainly has two working modes, first is to convert electrical signals into mechanical waves through piezoelectric elements and the other is to convert mechanical waves into electrical signals also by piezoelectric elements. In an Ultrasonic flowmeter, each probe works alternately in these two modes, sending Ultrasonic waves into the fluid through the pipe wall, and then converting the reflected Ultrasonic waves into electrical signals. The electrical signal is converted into flow through electronic components and then provided to the user or controller.



How to choose the right probe size?


In general, the larger the probe, the larger the piezoelectric sheet, and the higher the sensitivity, the greater the energy that can be converted. However, the limitations of piping size and installation space will be the critical factors in selecting the appropriate probe size. The width of the probe affects the stability of the installation, while the length affects the installation location and feasibility. As shown in the figure below, the suitable probe width will make the probe more appropriate for the user's piping size, the installation is stable and not easy to be displaced, and the piezoelectric sheet can also be completely attached to the pipe wall, which greatly improves the measurement efficiency and measurement accuracy of the Ultrasonic flowmeter.

How to choose the right probe size?


How to choose the right probe size?

In addition to the width, the overall length and height of the probe will also be the key to whether it will cause space interference during installation. Selecting a moderate probe size can ensure the installation and enable the Ultrasonic flowmeter to perform high-efficiency flow monitoring. Therefore, before purchasing an Ultrasonic flowmeter, please confirm the pipe diameter, installation location and space size of the installation piping. The above information will help you choose a suitable probe size. If you need more information, you can click "Contact us” below to reach us directly, and our sales consultants will be able to assist in providing proper evaluation of flow detection equipment.


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