LORRIC's brand illustrations ark work was honored by global fine art competitions.

LORRIC takes “Paranoid about performance” as our brand core concept on every aspect, include products, service, even our communication material. A series brand illustration art work which was created by the theme of “Jumping whale” is expressed who LORRIC is and our spirit and mindset on products, service, and the relationship with our clients. 
In charge of creating our hand-drawn illustrations is Taiwanese cutting-edge artist Ye Xin-Wen, who infused the illustrations’ factory-like industrial style with inspiration taken from fairytale fantasy, science-fiction and steampunk, and have them made by a combination of traditional hand-drawing techniques along with modern digital image-manipulation. This year-long process came to fruition with our brand’s three distinguished concept illustrations: “Challenge”, “Focus” and “Leap". This series of illustrations was then awarded in Japan, Switzerland, United States, and China through 2015 to 2016, you may see these honors as below.

2015 | ”ASIAGRAPH 2015 CG Art Gallery", Japan

2016 | “Imaginary Landscapes III Brochure, Switzerland

| ”3x3 Illustration" / No.13 / Merit, USA

”Hiii Illustration" / Best of The Best, China


These honors approved LORRIC's effort with "Paranoid about performance" spirits on what we did. It is not a destination but an another good start and encouragement for us keeping making satisfied products and realizing clients' production performance.

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