In the wet process of printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing, encountering the problem of "insufficient spray pressure" is a common and difficult challenge. This problem not only affects production efficiency, but may also jeopardize the quality of the final product.

Why Does Replacing Nozzles Not Solve the Problem?

When encountering insufficient spray pressure, the initial reaction of many users is to replace the nozzle. However, they often find that the issue persists even after replacement. This can be due to the poor quality of the replacement nozzles. As a result, despite installing brand-new nozzles, the spray pressure remains inadequate, and nozzles continue to fail, necessitating further replacements. Over time, investing in higher-priced but higher-quality nozzles can actually be more cost-effective than frequently replacing inferior ones.

Why Are Counterfeits Inferior?

1.Counterfeit nozzles cannot guarantee flow consistency and differ from the original manufacturer's design, making it difficult to return spray pressure to normal ranges.
2.Counterfeit manufacturers may use recycled materials or substitute PP for PVDF to reduce costs, leading to reduced lifespan.
3.To pass audits by artificially increasing spray pressure, counterfeits may offer nozzles with smaller apertures. While this might achieve the desired surface effect, it results in inconsistent nozzle performance, sacrificing product quality and shortening the lifespan of other equipment parts.

LORRIC Nozzles Guarantee Quality

1.Made from first-rate materials with ISO-certified excellent quality control.
2.Professional technical consultation and precision engineering.
3.Highly recognized in the industry, preferred by major manufacturers.
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