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Post 2017-08-03
Maximize Efficiency & Cut Costs: 4 Critical Tips for Selecting Spiral Nozzles for Gas Scrubbers


Finding Answers from the Principles of Waste Gas Treatment Towers

  • Utilizing spraying techniques to bind water with harmful waste gas particles, forming wastewater that's easier to handle.
  • Using fillers to extend the contact time between gas and water, increasing the contact surface area, and thus, enhancing the dissolution of gas into the water.
  • The correct particle size should be chosen; too fine can lead to waste being carried out, while too coarse can result in lower efficiency.
  • Wet desulfurization technology can achieve up to 99% efficiency in waste gas treatment.
Schematic of a gas scrubber with labeled spiral nozzles and filters

Have You Chosen the Right Nozzle for Your Waste Treatment Tower?

① Maximizing Pass-Through for Clog-Free Operation

Nozzles with the largest passable diameter for foreign objects are less likely to clog, reducing maintenance frequency and costs.

② Wide Coverage with Solid Cone Spray Pattern
Solid cone spray patterns cover a large area, allowing for the use of the minimum number of nozzles, which is beneficial for cost control and reducing maintenance frequency.

③ Top-Quality Materials for Durable, Recycle-Free Nozzles
Top-grade materials are used without recycling, making the nozzles durable and resistant to damage. LORRIC nozzles are precisely and smoothly finished, indicating the highest level of manufacturing standards. Materials are sourced globally from top suppliers, ensuring product durability and ultimately reducing maintenance expenses and time costs.

④ Spray Angles Up to 170 Degrees for Maximum Reach
Spray angles can reach up to 170 degrees, providing extensive coverage. This allows for the use of the fewest number of nozzles within a certain range, benefiting cost control and reducing maintenance frequency.

LORRIC's spiral nozzles boast these four key features. Contact LORRIC for more information or if you already have the required nozzle size data. We're here to help you find the most suitable nozzle for your waste treatment tower.

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