5 Factors How Nozzle Tolerance Affects the Yield


The professional level of an industrial nozzle product manufacturer depends on the product's tolerance accuracy of 0.01 or less. Every nozzle manufacturer must pay special attention to the pursuit of tolerance. This is because the impact of even the smallest 0.01 tolerance gap on the customer's product process is beyond what you and I can imagine. High yield demonstrates the continuous pursuit of extremely low tolerances in the nozzle manufacturing behind. On the other hand, non-professional nozzle manufacturers have extremely poor on-site process performance under the manufacturing mindset without tolerance. Low yield will be an expected performance result, and high yield only represents the company's profit. Thus, to conclude, tolerance performance will be the key factor.


Tolerance matters


1. Unstable flow generates unstable data during the process of manufacturing which makes low yield.

2. When deciding what kind of nozzle to use, the wrong flow option will affect the spray angle, flow distribution, and may cause a spray gap between spray nozzles when the nozzle arrangement is fixed.

3. Too small flow makes insufficient flow impact which is not able to be solved by simply increasing the pressure.

4. The flow rate option will affect the size of flow distribution and particle.

5. The liquid medicine with too small particle size will cause uneven spraying of the liquid medicine and increase the consumption of the liquid medicine:

- Chemicals with too small particles will lead to uneven spraying and part of it will be discharged with waste gas.

- Too big chemical particles will not be able to penetrate into smaller orifices and will lead to uneven spraying.


LORRIC provides nozzles with high precision machining and complete delivery inspection.


● LORRIC classifies our nozzle products by the tolerance of flow rate and spray angle.


 Advanced  Basic
  Advanced Basic 


● LORRIC inspects our products before delivery with a very strict standard and process which ensures our product’s performance excellence and stability.

● You may see nozzles with Kingspray or LORRIC brand names on them which appear to be very similar to real LORRIC products. Unfortunately, these nozzles are simply counterfeits with no tolerance guarantee on its specs, like flow rate, spray angle, particle size, and distribution. These counterfeits are not easy to distinguish and will damage the product line and lower the yield. Please make sure nozzles you purchased are from real LORRIC or our authorized resellers.


For more details, please refer to Three Reasons in which LORRIC Nozzles are Preferable Over No-brand, Standard Market Nozzles.



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