Why is professional nozzle testing service necessary?


Compared with other industries, the nozzle industry is smaller in size. Therefore, there is no uniform and trusted industry standard for nozzle testing. Users can only rely on each manufacturer's professionalism and own way of nozzle testing. LORRIC has very rich on-site experience and always focuses on what clients need. For choosing perfect nozzles to reach clients’ expected results, we have a complete and professional nozzle testing process.


Why does a professional nozzle manufacturer matter?


The prerequisite to provide professional nozzle testing is the availability of personnel who have long been specializing in nozzle measurement.. LORRIC is a very experienced nozzle design and manufacturing company with professional equipment and personnel for nozzle testing. Secondly, the beginning of any nozzle testing should be from the basic confirmation of spray shape, flow rate, and flow angle. More importantly, the flow angle testing is related to personnel's experience and professional judgment. The third point is that, as the spray distribution is an unquantifiable index and affects production process and result significantly, if this index is judged by an unprofessional personnel, the quality index will be difficult to obtain.


The reliability and productivity of the nozzle testing environment are the prerequisites of a reliable nozzle testing. Beside the extensive experience of nozzle testing for many years, LORRIC has also been trained and with expertise to work in flowmeter calibration laboratory which makes LORRIC to be able to control all the environmental variations affecting the spray tolerance in the most stable range.


Matters that need attention

Some users may ask LORRIC sales personnel to evaluate the status of their nozzles in use by sending us photos about it, however, it may cause incorrect judgment because of photo quality and its possible distortion. We strongly recommend users to take advantage of the nozzle test service provided by LORRIC for reliable results.


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It is necessary to do a professional nozzle test when users want to replace the no-brand to brand nozzles.


Usually, the reason why users adapted no-brand nozzles is for its low cost. However, for making enough profit, no-brand nozzle manufacturers will use recycled material which makes no-brand nozzles with uneven surface, worst pressure resistance, short product life cycle, and unstable performance. If you want to adapt reliable LORRIC nozzles to replace your current used no-brand nozzles, LORRIC suggests you provide us with a certain quantity of unused nozzles for professional testing.


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