Principle of hollow cone spray nozzles


Hollow cone spray is known as whirl type nozzle.


When liquid flows into the chamber in the hollow cone spray nozzle it will whirl in the nozzle like a tornado. When it flows to the spout, it will pass a curved surface which leads it to be sprayed out (thrown out) as a hollow cone shape.


The typical distribution of hollow cone spray nozzles is hollow shape. When spraying, the liquid flows alongside the surface of the chamber, through the special structure, the liquid will be whirled out and distributed hollowly. However, through the adjustment of the nozzle structure, the distribution could become a cone shape.


However, its typical application is hollow cone spray. As its special flow field type, its particle size is similar to or smaller than fan spray particle size.


The surface inside the hollow cone spray nozzle is easily worn out due to the way this principle works. The liquid flows alongside the core surface of the nozzle. Meanwhile, its foreign body passage is larger than the cone nozzle so it is not easily clogged. Comparatively, the cone spray nozzle is more easily clogged due to its core structure.


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