The importance of flowmeters under stricter regulations of wastewater disposal


With the increase in Water consumption in all areas, it is a critical time for governments to promote effective and responsible water use, treatment, and disposal. In most countries, wastewater laws have been implemented, laying the foundation for sustainable wastewater management. Other countries, however, legislation is slow and complicated. Regulations are complicated and there is often a geographical division, for example EU regulations vrs State level regulations. Other types of regulations include:


◩ Regulation regarding water supply and environmental protection

◪ Regulations regarding the quality of sewage sludge

◩ Chemicals regulations -Waste regulations

◪ Regulations and standards on specific industrial field


However, with all the challenges that come with effective regulation and water management, there are numerous success stories which are setting the foundations and future trends for global change. Below are brief outlines of cases from countries in each continent, highlighting their unique way of rising to these challenges.


● Australia

The National Water Initiative - world’s largest lagoon-based wastewater treatment plants being built in Melbourne.


● Finland

Effective legislation to succeed in EU Directives and UNECE Conventions. implementation of international conventions like the Basel and Stockholm Conventions.


● Jordan

The National Water Strategy - a collaboration among government, the private sector and civilians.


● Singapore

A creative political vision, heavy investments, institutional restructuring amongst government ministries and with the private sector, public policies, effective legislation, and the involvement and cooperation of the population.


● South Africa

Legal framework and policies which focuses on human rights and sustainable development.


● Argentina

The Matanza-Riachuelo Basin Project- A ruling from the Supreme Court of Justice was needed to force the government to improve the socio-environmental conditions.


These cases highlight that with the right procedures and processes, the implementation of wastewater legislation, wastewater management infrastructure, and innovative financial mechanisms, they can provide a much needed foundation for sustainable wastewater management.


For these cases above, flow measurement technologies are critical to effective wastewater treatment. As a professional flow meter manufacturer, LORRIC’s task is to fulfill our corporate responsibility by developing and manufacturing flow meter equipment that can be more accurately monitored and installed.



How to properly select a flow meter suitable for wastewater treatment monitoring?


➤ Comparison of flow meters with various principle


Variable Area Paddle Wheel Non-invasive Ultrasonic

Variable Area

Paddle Wheel

Non-invasive Ultrasonic

Pressure loss Low Middle No 
Non-invasive install No No Yes 


Low Middle High 
Bidirectional flow detectable No Yes  Yes 
Cumulative flow measurement No Yes  Yes  
Anti-impurity Low Lowest Middle 
Applicable fluid Air/ Liquid   Liquid Liquid

Lowest-costs in small diameter pipe 

Cost increases with pipe diameter.


Cost increases with pipe diameter/


Cost does not increase with pipe diameter/


➤ How to choose proper flowmeters to meet your needs?


How to choose proper flowmeters to meet your needs


How to choose proper flowmeters to meet your needs


How to choose proper flowmeters to meet your needs


➤ Our performance


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