How can you improve the efficiency of your scrubber while saving cost? 4 Must-Know Key Points When Purchasing Spiral Nozzles!


Find the answer from the "Principle of Scrubber"!


➤ Using spray to combine water with harmful particles of exhaust gas to form wastewater that is much easier to treat

➤ Using fillers will extend the contact time of gas and water and will result in increasing the contact surface area of gas and water and making the proportion of gas soluble in water higher.

➤ The correct particle size should be selected. Very fine particles make it easier to cause waste to be carried out, and too dense can cause low efficiency.

➤ Using wet desulfurization processes results in a waste treatment efficiency of as high as 99%.


Principle of Scrubber


Principle of Scrubber


How to improve the efficiency of your scrubber and reduce maintenance costs?


Start with the purchase of "the right nozzle for waste treatment tower".

4 Characteristics of "The Right Waste Treatment Tower Nozzle"


① It won't be easy to block when there are large impurities passing through.

The nozzle is not easily damaged due to the passage of impurities, which reduces the frequency and cost of maintenance.





② The solid cone spray pattern covers a large area

The minimum number of nozzles can be used within a certain range, which is beneficial to the cost control and reduces maintenance frequency.


The distribution shape of the sprayed surface viewed from above. Schematic diagram of spray flow distribution.



③ Using top materials, never use recycled materials, so the nozzle is sturdy and durable

The appearance of the LORRIC nozzle is smooth and precise, showing the highest level of processing standards, and the materials are sourced from top suppliers around the world.Therefore, our products are more durable and will inevitably reduce your maintenance and time costs!


LORRIC nozzle compare to no brand nozzle



④ Spraying angle up to 170 degrees

The spray coverage is pretty large. The minimum number of nozzles can be used within a certain range, which is beneficial to cost control and reduce maintenance frequency.


Spraying angle up to 170 degrees



LORRIC’s spiral nozzle has the 4 characteristics shown above.You are welcome to contact LORRIC, or click the button below to leave your contact information; if you already have the particle size data of the nozzle you need, please provide it, and we will help you find the most suitable waste treatment tower nozzle!


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