LORRIC Product Application In Electroplating Industry


Spray nozzles are critical in plating applications because many product quality problems – including poor adhesion, bumpy surface, corrosion and uneven plating – can often be traced back to improper spraying.


Recommended nozzle:


1. BJ:Adjustable Ball-Type Spray Nozzles Adaptor.

a. Retaining cap holds tip in position, even when the nozzle is jarred or vibrated.


2. EB+HB:Clip-on Adjustable Ball-Type Spray Nozzles.

a. Designed to ensure easy installation and minimal maintenance downtime.

b. Retaining cap holds tip in position, even when the nozzle is jarred or vibrated.

c. Ideal for cleaning, conversion coating, wetting and rinsing applications.


3. D-Clamp:Clamp-on low pressure fan type nozzle.

a. Equipped with large free passage design deliver wide angle and the lowest chance to get clogged among all fan type nozzles.

b. Perfect for pre- and post- plating rinsing.

c. Clamp design frees users from the hazzel of drilling threads on pipes.


4. BO

a. Ideal for removing rinse water, speeding drying time, drying crevices/blind holes or removing particulate.

b. Our air nozzles reduce air consumption costs through efficient use of compressed air, reduce noise and provide quality air patterns.


5. ED:Tank mixing eductor

a. Designed for in-tank applications to provide improved solution circulation and agitation by preventing particulates from settling in bottom of tank.

b. Design enhances filtration system performance and enables use of smaller pumps to circulate large volumes of tank solution.

c. Ideal for anodizing, mixing, phosphating, plating, rinsing and stripping applications.

d. For galvanized steel sheet application, this nozzle can help agitate the plating solution and prevent separation.


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