Firmware 2.0 from LORRIC paddle wheel flowmeter

Pulse V2.0 

For this function, before starting to measure the flow rate, the user sets up a certain fixed unit of flow volume first, a pulse output will be delivered when the fluid flows by this certain unit of flow volume. This technology makes  flow monitoring and measurement more reliable.

Easy and clear flow monitoring under sunshine

Datas, such as Instantaneous flow rate, instantaneous velocity, cumulative flow, are able to be switched to be displayed on another LCD screen which makes it to be clearly recognized even in the environment with strong lighting.

Improve the readability of real-time flow rate

The default “Slow update” slows the real-time flow rate data update down to per second. If users want it to be fast update, please go to parameter setting A08 fast update and turn it on.

Easy setting their demand digits displayed

The parameter B05 makes users easy setting their demand digits displayed after the decimal point on LCD and LED.

Password protection for parameter setting

For preventing the parameter setting to be revised by any other people which results in wrong flow measurement, users can turn on the password protection function and set up 4 digits password.

All the communication ports are default off 

For users to choose the correct communication mode, all the communication ports are default off. It assures your paddle wheel flowmeter’s initial operation will be run well and safely.

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