7-head adapter for Cassette

7-head, Full Cone, Stainless steel

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Tank Cleaning

Cassette Cleaning

  • Full cone spray pattern with a round superimposed impact area 
    • 7pcs of 1/8” PT full cone spray nozzles are screwed into very compact header 
      • Spray droplet diameter is about half that of other single-head full cone spray nozzles having the same spray capacity
        • Note: Nozzles in the pictures are for demonstration only, not part of 7-head adatper 
LORRIC nozzle


Spray pattern & Flow distribution
LORRIC nozzle       
LORRIC nozzle




Material Guarantees
We take high quality smithing metal to produce solid and durable nozzles by detail turning.
We promise never using recycled materials.
High Quality
All material is purchased from world top providers.



Product Size
Size (mm) Weight (g)
  A     B  
3/4" Female body 38 38 166

LORRIC nozzle




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