The LORRIC brand jingle video is officially delivered by a local Taiwanese photographer.

As we plan to produce a series of product and installation videos. The benefits of video for our products enable us to overcome the distance and time constraints, and provide more services to customers in terms of product awareness and installation.


In order to strengthen the brand recognition and convey the spirit of LORRIC, there will be a small introduction of LORRIC’s brand before each video, showing photographs by Taiwanese local whale photographer, Ray Chin, who has accumulated nearly 20 years of deep sea experience. Ray Chin grew up with great enthusiasm for whales and the big sea. He traveled to the South Pacific, the sperm whales meca, to exchange ideas with the world. LORRIC is amazed by Ray Chin beautiful and magnificent photography. He is deeply enthusiastic about the sperm whale which is shown by his perseverance to capture such images.The videos and images convey the value of doing things like LORRIC’s brand philosophy “Paranoid about performance”. Generally speaking, it is impressive.


LORRIC invites you to enjoy the film by Mr. Ray Chin, the brand jingle vedio produced by LORRIC’s creative team, and to deeply appreciate the fantasy and beauty of nature.



Watch LORRIC brand jingle video



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