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Bobby Brown
Post 2016-08-08
LORRIC Becomes Official Distributor for Roechling in Taiwan and Southeast Asia

We are proud to announce that as of July 2016, LORRIC has officially become one of the distributors for Roechling in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Our focus will be on representing PVC and PEEK product lines. For more details on these products, please visit the LORRIC official website for Roechling product information.

Roechling, hailing from Germany, stands as one of the world's most advanced manufacturers of semi-finished engineering plastics, boasting a history that spans nearly two centuries since its establishment in 1822. Its plastic products find widespread applications across a multitude of industries. Roechling's flagship manufacturing and sales include the Polystone® thermoplastic sheet products, such as Polystone®M UHMW-PE, Polystone®G HDPE, HDPE pipes, PVC, PEEK, and Polystone®P Polypropylene. In terms of dimensions, Roechling offers sheets ranging in thickness from 3/8 to 4 inches, available in any size to meet customer demands.

Understanding that the quality of materials is pivotal to product quality and on-site performance, LORRIC has long utilized Roechling's superior materials to manufacture nozzles and flow meters, achieving product excellence that earns customer trust. As a loyal user of Roechling materials, LORRIC has deeply appreciated the high quality of Roechling's offerings, leading to the initiative to introduce Roechling to the manufacturing industries in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. We look forward to the impact of increasing Roechling users in the region, aiming to enhance the overall product quality and performance across industries, thereby contributing to industrial advancement.

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